Class Descriptions


Pole Fitness


Intro to Pole -

This is where the addiction begins! New students of all fitness levels are encouraged to start
here. This repeatable class is designed to introduce you to foundational pole techniques
and exercises. You will become acquainted with our studio and learn some beginner moves
and spins.

Level 1 Pole -

It's time to take your fitness to a whole new level! In this class we start from scratch with all the basic spins, dance moves, and strengthening techniques to have you flying before you know it!


Level 2 Pole -

Now that you have the basics, it's time to start going UPSIDE DOWN! Level 2 is where inversions begin and strength really starts to explode.

Level 3 & 4 Pole -

All that hard work in Level 1 /2 will pay off as our intermediate/advanced polers will be flying high while they continue to tackle even more challenging inversions, tricks and transitions.

Levels 5-10 Pole

The journey to reach this level has undoubtedly been full of laughter, bumps, bruises and challenges you never thought you'd be capable of overcoming! You will continue your journey while learning creative new climbs and aerial inverts that are truly acrobatic in nature.

Pole Combos -

In this mixed level class you will learn how to seamlessly combine the tricks and transitions you have been working on. Here you will also learn the building blocks to pole choreography, and gain skills to flawlessly execute routines. 



Crank it up in this cardio and strength training class. Build endurance, tone, and strength necessary to master all your moves on the pole. Tennis shoes are optional. All levels welcome.

Stretrch Class -

Flexibility training is key to a well rounded workout regimen, and our stretch class is an ideal compliment to our pole and aerial classes.  Students will learn safe and effective stretching techniques to increase mobility and decrease muscle tension.  Stretch class is recommended for all levels.


Flirty Fitness -

Put some heels on your feet and sass in your step while you heat up the room in this cardio jam session. This exhilarating, effective and easy-to-follow calorie burning party will melt your fat and raise your confidence! All levels welcome.

Pole Dance in Heels -

This empowering choreography based class teaches femininity, poise, grace and confidence. Wear your heels or take class barefoot and learn to bring fluidity to your movement.