Feel sexy in the skin you’re in!

Let’s get real. The gym is pretty much no fun. The treadmill is boring and lots classes can be ineffective. But this is about so much more than just getting in shape. This is a fitness revolution! It’s a call to women everywhere to come and love their bodies, feel sexy, and have fun. And the best part is, when those things happen, it’s easy to get in the best shape of your life.

So you’re ready to get started! Hooray. Congratulations on making one of the best choices of you life.
We promise you are going to love it. You will be welcomed, supported and cared for every step of the way. Welcome to your tribe!
Now you just need to get signed up.

What to take:

Start with our Pole 101 classes or any of our pole 1 classes. These classes are 1 hour long and are meant for first time students. They are sexy and fun and will help you get comfortable with the studio, the instructor, and pole fitness in general.

How much does it cost:

Pick the package that’s right for you:

Taster Package- for those just wanting a taste of pole to see if it’s a good fit for them.

4 classes a month

Just $49/month – cancel anytime.

Maverick Package- for those ready to make a difference in their fitness.

8 classes per month

Just $89/month – 30 day notice cancellation

Empowered Package- 6 Month All-Access Pass- you’re feeling awesome and ready to take on the world.

Unlimited pole classes

$150 per month with a six month contract.

Our most popular option is our 12 month All-Access Pass for just $99/month. With this membership you can come to whatever class (withing your skill level) that you would like. Your all-access pass works at both the Oro Valley location and the Grant Road location and works for pole classes, lyra classes, and silks classes. If you really want to see the changes in your body, yourself, and your life, the all-access pass is for you!

                    Click here for our ALL ACCESS PASS

What should I wear/bring:

Wear short shorts, a tank top, and a sports bra. High heels are totally optional.
Don’t wear lotion or jewelry
Bring a water bottle.

Where is the studio:

We have two locations owned by the same pole family!

The Tucson Pole Fitness studio is located at 4152 E Grant Road, Tucson, AZ.

The Centre Stage Pole Fitness location is located at 1335 W. Lambert Lane in Oro Valley, AZ. Make sure to check your address on this one as Centre Stage Dance Studio is just across the street but is a different program. 

How do I sign up:

The best way to register is to click on a link above and choose your package. From there you will be able to sign up for classes. We have classes six days a week, morning and night!

I’m nervous. What should I expect:

It’s okay to be nervous. Rest assured that we all had our first class too! We promise you will be surrounded by a group full of supportive women who can’t wait to have you join them on this life-changing journey. And that really is what it is! Once you discover the magic of pole, the magic that is inside of you once you realize how strong you really are, your life will never be the same!

What should I do next:

Click on the links above to choose your package and register.