Why Pole?


Pole Fitness Is A Workout

Pole fitness is a full-body workout. It is resistance training and cardio in one. Flexibility is improved as well. Pole athletes/dancers perform acrobatic tricks either suspending their weight or propelling it around a metal pole. The simple act of climbing a pole is an incredible display of strength. It is no surprise, then, that most pole athletes/dancers insist they have never looked or felt better. Age is irrelevant. Some of the most notable dancers started when they were in their thirties, forties, fifties and sixties.

No Pain, No Gain: Pole Fitness hurts, but here’s why you'll love it

You've heard the saying “no pain, no gain!” But what if I told you that the battle wounds you'll likely endure during pole class will make you feel more like a warrior and less than a worrier?

Beware of Pole Burn

Yes, there is some pain involved in pole fitness. Think of it as a badge of honor for a job well done. If it hurts, you're probably doing it right! Now you shouldn't feel like you've broken a bone, but if your skin feels uncomfortably pinched-you're on the right track! As you continue to train, you’ll condition the sensitive areas and build up a pain tolerance. It gets better, I promise!

Gimmie More of that Sore

Pole is truly a full body workout. You will likely feel sore in muscles that you didn't even know existed. Of course if you're beginning your pole journey with a strong fitness background, that will help- but even the fittest of athletes have called us the next day telling us how sore their bodies were after their first pole class. It's important to get up and moving when you feel sore the day after working out. Even a light walk around the neighborhood or a bit of yoga will have you feeling great in no time. And always stay hydrated!

The Good News

Pole is unlike other workouts, because it doesn't feel like you're working out. You’ll be having so much fun that the time will fly by. Most of our students end up taking a couple classes in a row because they enjoy it so much!

The Takeaway

Once you have the basics figured out, your muscles will begin to develop and you'll progress much more quickly. The sore muscles will start to subside, and your newfound skills will reap incredible rewards, both physically and mentally. You'll feel confident and empowered, and you'll walk holding your head a little higher on top of your newly toned and sculpted body!