Why take pole with us?

Our mission makes all the difference!


We are on a mission to empower students to be UNSTOPPABLE!

At Centre Stage and Tucson Pole fitness, pole fitness is so much more than a workout. It is a way of life. Through our program, you will develop and be nurtured in all that you do. The benefits will amaze you.  You will become unstoppable.

Here's how we will help you become UNSTOPPABLE!

Step Into Your Safe Haven

It starts with coming to class. You will be welcomed and invited into a community that is kind, non-judgmental, and very supportive.

  • Got cellulite? No big deal. Everyone does!
  • Never danced before? That's fine. A dance background isn't necessary.
  • No upper body strength? That's normal when you start. You'll develop some through the program.
  • Feeling shy or nervous? That's okay. You can control what you participate in.
  • Afraid you'll be judged because you're living your best life? No way! We welcome all to come and enjoy the benefits of this amazing program

Realize Your Strength

At first it may seem difficult, but with consistency, your body will very soon build the strength to do things you never thought were possible: climb a pole, go upside down, and seemingly float through the air. You will notice muscles you never knew were there. You will be sore. You will become stronger, more flexible and feel totally empowered.  You will become addicted to the feeling of trying and mastering new pole moves. YOU. WILL. LOVE. IT.

Unleash Your Sexy

Perhaps it has been a long time since you felt beautiful or comfortable in your own skin. Perhaps you long to let loose, dance it out, and claim all the benefits of owning your own prowess. Pole fitness will allow you to explore and embrace your sexy side. And once you discover it (or rediscover it), this sexy side of you will be something you will value so dearly. 

Build Your Self-Confidence

As your body changes with pole fitness, so will your state of mind. You will realize you are worth so much more than a number on the scale or how someone else perceives you. You will learn to love the person you see in the mirror and not just because of her smokin' hot pole bod. You will love her for all that she has been through, all that she has experienced, all the times she has persevered despite great obstacles, and for the person you know she can and will become. You will learn to truly believe in yourself. 


Your victories on the pole will empower you to achieve victories in your everyday life. This new empowerment may lead you to:

  • Leave a dead end job for a career in your passion
  • Escape a toxic relationship in pursuit of true happiness
  • Stand up for a cause you truly believe in when others remain silent
  • Put yourself first for this first time in a long time
  • Find room in your heart to move on and love those around you 
  • Make friends with people who build you up instead of tear you down
  • Finally look in the mirror and love yourself for who you are

When you are going through difficult times in your life, you will think to yourself, "I got my iron-x. I'm a freakin bad a**.  I can certainly handle this!"

Join us today!

As you fully embrace this new way of life, you will look back at the decision to do pole fitness as one of the best decisions you have ever made in your life. It will change you forever. So what are you waiting for? We are literally waiting for you to come join our pole family.  Just give us a call and we can answer all your questions and help you get started. 520-216-7651.